When you take your car to the shop, why does it cost so much more  than it would if   you were a man?           

It Just Isnt Fair!

So, How Can You Prevent This 

From Happening? 

Simple: Knowledge

   No, you don’t have to have a degree in Automotive Engineering. What you need is enough knowledge to ask the right questions. And that is what our book gives you.

   We can help guarantee you that you will never again face the fear of getting your car fixed. With a clear, simple, funny, and yet non-patronizing style, our book gives you enough information to know what you need to ask. As a guide written specifically for women, this book will give you: 

  • An overview of how your car works so that you can  learn some of the language
  • An easy method that allows you to understand the problem quickly and accurately
  • A simple list of questions to ask that can save you hundreds of dollars! 


In today’s economy, more women are buying cars and not everyone has someone to help them understand these complicated machines. Even the most modern car needs maintenance and parts will eventually fail. When they do, you can become a target.



Here’s what two happy readers said:

My car started to make a loud noise every time I turned the wheel. The quote was $600. After reading Chapter 9, I realized it was just a belt. The guy at the parts store fixed it for $100 - thanks, Max! (Becky J, Los Angeles, CA) 

After paying some guy $350 to replace a PCV, I read about what this thing does and discovered that my car doesn’t even have one! I confronted the mechanic and he eventually refunded my money – thanks for showing me how to stand up for myself! (Carolyn M, Lacroix, WI)


Don’t wait for something to happen - buy our book, read through it, and then use the information to win the auto repair game! Empower yourself with the knowledge, language, and understanding that you need to AVOID being a victim!